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Hydraulic Crawler Crane
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Hydraulic Crawler Crane

Besides the traditional hoisting function, Sinovo CQUY series hydraulic crawler crane specially designed for foundation construction can be used for a variety of purposes by using attachments such as casing oscillator, diesel hammer, hydraulic hammer, pile driver, clamshell bucket for removal of soil from deep foundation pits, pull shovel (dragline bucket), to realize the construction of occlusive pile ,stone column, precast pile, ect. Thus ,it can be widely used in various construction fields including chemical industry, energy, water conservancy, municipal engineering, civil construction, metallurgy and steel.

We can design and manufacture drilling rigs and piling machine according to customers requirements.

Technical Features:

I.Adoption if high level free fall winch

Equipped with casing oscillator, it can realize the construction of occlusive piles
During construction of occlusive piles, the free fall winch of the crawler crane will be used to grab the soil, thus it requires the main winch to have a large pulling force, high level and stable chassis, the traditional crawler crane has no free fall winch and with weak pulling force main winch. However, the pulling force of main winch of CQUY55B Crawler crane is over 10t, fully meeting the requirements of occlusive pile foundation.

Highly stable chassis

?Equipped with diesel hammer, it can realize the construction of stone column

With self-manufactured high-strength chassis and stretchable undercarriage, theCQUY55B can be used for the construction of lime soil column with a depth of 22m and diameter of 600mm. It shows excellent performance in deep pile construction and breaks the Max driving depth limit of traditional pile driver —— 20m, which created wider applicable field. In addition, the crawler crane has a larger curb weight, which solves the hidden safety problems caused by the "Heavy top - Light Base”structure of the traditional pile driver. Compared with the travelling device of traditional walking-type and rolling bar-type pile drivers, it’ s easier to move and provides safer construction environment.

Large line pull of single rope

? More suitable for hoisting
The line pull of single rope of theCQUY55B crawler crane is over 10t, compare with the competitor in the market is generally 5-7t, as a result, if used for hoisting the goods of 30t, other vehicles of the same level in the market shall use 6 reeving, while our company’s machine can lift it only using 4 reeving. Moreover, under same winch winding speed, the working efficiency of our machine is increased over by 30%.

Large rope Length capacity of the winch

? Equipped with clamshell bucket, it can realize the removal of soil and sand in deep foundation pits
During removal of soil in deep foundation pits, the descending depth of the machine is much deep and need enough impact force to grab soil and sand. Therefore, it requires the crawler crane to have free fall function and the winch has large rope length capacity. The winch of CQU55B crawler crane not only has free fall function, but also has rope length capacity of over 200m, thus it is more suitable for deep foundation work.

Technical Specification

Item Unit CQUY55B CQUY75B CQUY100B
Main Boom Lifting Capacity t.m 55X3.7 75X4.0 100X4.0
Basic Boom Length m 13 13 13
Max.Length m 37 37 40
Luffing Angle ° 30-80 30-80 30-80
Main Lifting Reeving 8 8 8
Travelling Speed km/h 1.42 1.76 1.55
Slewing Speed rpm 2.69 2.08 2.95
Main Winch Rope Diameter mm 22 28 32
Max.Rope Speed of Outermost Layer n/min 108 101 101
Max.Line Pull of First Layer Kn 104 139 168
Rope Length m 170 200 200
Auxiliary Winch Rope Diameter mm 20 20 20
Rope Speed m/min 71 88 97
Max.Line Pull of First Layer Kn 85 85 179
Rope Length m 120 120 125
Luffing Winch Rope Diameter mm 16 16 20
Max.Rope Speed m/min 59 73 88
Line Pull Kn 82 82 76
Rope Length m 140 145 145
Engine Model QSB5.9-C180 QSL8.9-C325 QSL8.9-C360
Power Kw 132@2200rpm 242@2100rpm 264@2100rpm
Torque Nm 800/1400rpm 1385/1500rpm 1500/1500rpm
Counter Weight t 17.5 21 28
Gradeablity % 40 30 30
Total Weight t 52 67 88
Ground Pressure kPa 69 66 80
Hook t 5,30 13.5,50 13.5,70
Structure Upper Carriage mm 3360 3465 3625
mm 3145 3400 3400
Track Length mm 5725 6155 7270
Track mm 760 800 800
Under Carriage Extention mm 4520 4830 5800
Under Carriage Retract mm 3360 3300 ________

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